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Roof Snow Removal on the North Shore

Serving Lake County And Cook County With Professional Roof Snow Removal

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Protecting Your Roof When the Snow Starts to Pile Up

Your roof does a fundamental job of protecting you, your family, and everything that is beneath it. Roofing has come a long way from the days of old, from thatch roofs and sod to timbers that were imperfect to the modern roofs of today. Now, you can have a roof in many different types of materials, from metal and tile to asphalt shingles. The roof over your head is designed to withstand the elements, from heavy snow to hail, wind, and pounding rain. That being said, roofs are not indestructible, and too much of the extremes can damage it.

Bradley Marshall Roofing Co offers the best residential and commercial roofing services for all types of roofs around the Libertyville area, including Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Highland Park, and more. Our expert roofers have decades of experience helping you with roof repairs, replacements, installations, and storm damage, including help when the snow starts to pile up, which can be quite frequent. We also offer gutter repair and replacement, and a whole slew of handyman services. Contact our local roofing company for a free consultation today!

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  • The excess snow can cause a roof collapse

  • The excess snow can lead to ice dams

  • The excess snow can cause roof leaks

  • The excess snow can compromise the structural integrity of your roof

  • The excess snow can shorten your roof's lifespan

  • Removing snow reduces liability

  • Removing snow offers peace of mind


Replacing your residential or commercial roof can be an expensive endeavor. Thus, once you get a new roof, the prudent thing to do is invest in regular roof maintenance and care so that it lasts a long time. By investing in roof snow removal by our local roofing company for your Libertyville home or office, you can have peace of mind knowing you are doing everything possible to protect the structural integrity of your roof. In addition, professional snow removers know how to properly remove snow from your home or office's roof. You can rest assured that your roofing material will not be damaged during the snow removal process. Bradley Marshall Roofing has all of the right equipment and knowledge to remove your roof's snow in a snap. Call for a free consultation today!

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When you call our local roofing company for a roof snow removal service for your Libertyville home or business, we will come out and give you a free estimate. This enables us to get a good idea of what we will be facing when we show up to do the job. Once that is done, we'll get to work. We use special equipment, such as snow rakes, that have been designed with roof snow removal in mind. If you try to use regular lawn tools, like shovels, this is where you'll run into trouble as you may inadvertently cause damage to your roof. We'll start by taking off the top layers of the snow, and we start at the edges, working our way in. We do not use heating devices, sharp tools, or other ways to melt snow of any sort. Safety is a top priority, so we use special ladders to ensure our safety as well. If you are looking for a safe, effective, and non-damaging way to remove snow from your commercial or residential roof, then call us today!

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Being near Lake Michigan, Libertyville can see its fair share of winter snow squalls and blizzards. When these occur, large amounts of snow that is heavy with moisture can land on your residential or commercial roof and stay there for quite some time. If too much heavy snow resides on your roof for too long, it's in danger of collapse, leaks, or sagging. If this is the case, you need a professional roof snow removal company who can help.

Bradley Marshall Roofing Co is privileged to serve the residents and business owners of Libertyville and the surrounding area with the best local roofing services, including roof snow removal. Our local, family-owned roofing company has been providing the highest-quality roofs for over 85 years. We are a leader in the residential roofing market, as well as in architectural sheet metal roofing. Our expert local roofing technicians stay up-to-date on the latest technology and roofing innovations so that we can bring you the best roofing materials and installation practices possible. We treat our customers like family always.

If you are interested in a professional roofing service, including roof snow removal, give our local roofing company a call today!

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